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Our project from 2019: A kindergarten on campus 

At the end of 2018, Power Child Germany declared its withdrawal from all projects. This was primarily due to personal reasons in the management positions. For us alone, it was not financially feasible to continue the concept. For this reason, we set out on a search for other projects, not without offering some existing "employees" offers for a changed continuation of our work.
In the meantime, four of the former employees of the Power Child Campus have founded an NGO under South African law, gone through all the necessary auditing processes, signed the lease agreement for the site and the lease agreement for the building with the commune.
The aim is to run a kindergarten on the campus, which will be open to the following age groups 
  • 2-3 years
  • 4-5 years and
  • preschool
to look after up to 100 children with approx. 8 carers all day and to make them ready for school.
We have decided to secure the financing of this project. There are good reasons for this:
  • Highly motivated carers who have taken the initiative to continue the work of recent years. This is in line with our view of helping people to help themselves.
  • We have been networked in the community for 7 years.
  • The site and a largely intact building fulfil clearly above-average conditions for the operation of a kindergarten.
  • Taking cultural differences into account, we can directly influence the quality of the care and support of the children.
  • Some investments in the functional redesign and furnishing of the rooms will also be necessary. With the help of our numerous supporters, we are sure that we will be able to create a kindergarten of a special kind at this special location.
More about this in our next newsletter.

Our project from 2012 to 2018 Power-Child Campus Trust: 

During this time we helped to develop 66 kindergartens in the township of Mfuleni and to train and certify the child care workers in theory and practice. Every year, around 3,000 children were on campus with their carers. After Power Child Campus Trust (and PCC Germany) withdrew from this project at the end of 2018, we are now starting our own kindergarten there!


The Power-Child Campus Trust was a non-profit and public benefit organisation, registered under the Registration Number. No.: IT2072/2008 in the Republic of South Africa. The Power-Child Campus was established in November 2008 in the Mfuleni community, situated in the Cape Flats (approximately 40km east of Cape Town), Western Cape.


Their various projects aimed at promoting children’s rights, early childhood development and community involvement. They offered educational programs using sports, drama and dance to give the children, youth and families of Mfuleni the knowledge to create their own opportunities in life.

The Power-Child Campus was funded exclusively by private and corporate donations, sponsorships and cooperation’s. They worked with local and international volunteers.

Tobias H.Keller had been involved with the Power - Child Campus from February 2011 until end of 2018 and has worked closely with the local project management. The Keller Foundation had been working with the Power-Child Campus Trust since January 2012. The Keller Foundation has been financing 100% of ​​their early childhood development program:


Early Childhood Development

Proper Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the basis for a successful future and a great start to a better life.

Power-Child Campus (PCC) organises a daily program for the youngest of the community to ensure quality standards in ECD and give the children the desired start to their future life. PCC works together with all kindergartens in the Mfuleni community, providing access to their facilities. They also advise on legal, educational and hygiene issues and promote knowledge transfer amongst the ECD practitioners. Their main goal is the lasting positive impact on the development of each and every child in Mfuleni and to enable equal opportunities and ensure school readiness for all children. Regular and balanced nutrition is a necessity for the developing progress of a child; therefore their program includes a healthy and tasty lunch.