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Giving children opportunities together

Only together with the people who make their active contribution and support us with their commitment can we be successful. Therefore, on behalf of the children, we would like to thank all those who do this actively. These are (among others):

  • Margret Alwart 
  • Sybille Babicz 
  • Gilda Boldt 
  • Canusa Touristik GmbH und Co.KG
  • Dengler Bahn Telematik GmbH
  • Klaus and Helga Döcke
  • Egor Managementberatung GmbH
  • Birgit and Dr. Reinhard Flasch
  • Joachim Fröhlich
  • Dieter Hanau
  • Jörg Helbig
  • Corinna and Tina Kanzek
  • Christel and Winfried Keller 
  • Thilo Krause
  • Günter Küppers
  • Dr. Peter Uwe Kurz
  • Kathrin and Martin Menges
  • Elke Naumann
  • Uwe Pinck
  • Pinck Ingenieure Consulting GmbH
  • Annika Röber
  • Jan Ruske
  • Ursula and Gerd Schiller
  • Christa and Harald Steffen 
  • Ingrid and Helmut Wollesen